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Cash and Carry Pricing


1. Current Audiologic testing to include Air,bone and speech audiometry, tympanograms, acoustic reflex and OAE measurements. Testing must have been done by a clinical audiologist within the last three months.

2. Medical authorization for hearing aid fitting by an Ear nose and throat physician within the last 3 months and patients expectations must be realistic as far as hearing aid use.

3. Full price of hearing aid must be paid before ordering the hearing aid.

Examples of pricing for Major manufactures of hearing aid include any style of hearing aid ( Behind the ear, all in the ear, Canal, or completely in the canal hearing aid)


Azure $1550.00 Advanced
DOT 30
$1495.00 Advanced
DOT 20
$1295.00 Value
Pixel $1295.00 Value
Plus 5
$899.00 Economy


Audeo IX
$2199.00 Advanced
MicroSavia $2400.00 Advanced
Exelia $2500.00 Advanced
Audeo V
$1795.00 Value


ION $1495.00 Advanced
Velocity $1995.00 Advanced
Mini-Velocity $2500.00 Advanced


$2699.00 Advanced
$2499.00 Advanced
Delta 8000
$2000.00 Value
Delta 4000
$1500.00 Economy

"Falling" Economy Aid Specials

Generic Analog hearing aid
$375 each any style
OTICON ATLAS hearing aid
$450 each any style
RESOUND Newtone hearing aid
$500 each any style
Sonic Tribute hearing aid
$750 each any style

Note: All hearing aids come with standard factory Warranty 1,2, 3 years and loss and damage. The price of the hearing aid included one office visit for fitting and dispensing the hearing aid. Standard follow of 3-4 visits is highly recommended however is on a fee of service basis. Also all hearing aids come with a 45 day return policy.